Why “scent marketing” becoming a trend?

Marketing experts say that consumers actually do follow their noses, which leads them to buy more. Thus, some businessmen are using “olfactory” as a spokesman to generalize their brands and attract more customers.

Investigation shows that right scents have been shown to make people more comfortable (at hotels/restaurants), shorten the time they think they are waiting (at banks), prolong their time when shopping (at brand stores) or improve their sense of performance (at the gym).

So how smell affects us?

Smell and Memory

Scent is the sense closest linked to memory. Studies have shown that people can remember a scent with 65% accuracy after 1 year while visual memory sinks to 50% after only a few months.

Scent can recall old memory in our mind. It can take us back to our childhood time, our school time and any time we want to reappear.

Especially, smell can deepen our memory on some products or brands.

Smell and Emotion

Smell has a strong influence on the emotions, specially the scent of essential oils. The emotions we feel effect the performance of us during the day or the consuming behavior. A proper scent even can drive someone to buy commodity he never thinks about it.

Smell and Time

In our daily life, some would say time flies fast while others complain that one day seems like a year. In fact, time never changes, but why do they have different thoughts? Nice time. Scent also has the same effect. It can distract our attention on time. A store using some comfortable scent can let the customer stay longer.

Smell and Healthcare

Essential oils have aromatherapy effect. The scent of it can promote our physical and mental health. Creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for people is a challenge for every healthcare facility. But with scent, it would be easier. Not only can it relax ourselves, but also do benefit to us both on mood and body. No one would reject anything good to him.

So… So… So… 

When all the products are look similar, why choose yours? Is that your products cheapest or built-in more functions? When all hotels can offer similar service, why choose yours? Is that your hotel bigger? More splendid?

A mysterious force — Scent

Scent offers a new way for marketing, a key to open the door of success.

Wise man can predict the development of market while others are still trapped in the conventional thinking.

But it seems no one wants to give up the chance to be a wise man, they all try this method; then, scent marketing becomes a trend.


It has two broad categories:

  • ambient scentingthat fills a space with a targeted smell;
  • scent branding, which identifies a company’s signature scent for a particular brand