Most places are very dry in winter. Hence, most people want to use a humidifier in their home or officer. When an increasing people prefer to have scent in the air, humidifiers with scent were born. But, with the humidifier on, some will feel uncomfortable. Is it caused by the humidifier? how do you think about getting scent from humidifier? Is that better or not?


With the use of humidifier, a new type of illness called “humidifier pneumonia” was born, similar to air-conditioning disease, caused by the humidifier. The most important factor that causes illness is the presence of germs in the water vapor of the humidifier.


There are many dusts and germs floating in the air. Some humidifiers use the principle of ultrasonic waves, but the oscillated water mist can combine with germs in the air and then eventually absorbed by the body. Moreover, if the humidifier is not cleaned regularly or the same water is used over again, bacteria in the water was brought into the air, leading to disease!


Some tips for using humidifier:


  1. It is best to add pure water

Tap water contains a certain amount of calcium and magnesium ions. If the humidifier is based on the principle of ultrasonic vibration, the water mist generated by the humidifier will produce white powder, polluting the indoor air! In comparison, as pure water is often distilled water, the quality will be better.


  1. changing the water every day and having regular disinfection

Regular cleaning and disinfection can keep the water better with less germs. As the humidifier can be used for many days after being filled with water, many people are too lazy to change the water. But this is very easy to breed bacteria, and bacteria will be inhaled with the water mist.


  1. do not add any other substance

Some will prefer to have scent together with humidification. But most humidifier are in poor quality and can be corroded easily by essential oils. Even some are in good quality, it is meaningless to add essential oils into it, for oils cannot dissolved in water. When you use the humidifier, the oils will come out first and cannot last longer.