What do you feel when you see the word “scent”?

What comes to your mind when you hear or see the word “Scent”? A sea of flowers? Delicious food? Happy time? Unforgettable memories?

The “Scent” can be any property which detected by our olfactory system.

an odor left in passing by which a person or animal can be traced

 a distinctive odor that is pleasant


Scent, a nice word, can leave us unlimited source of fascination.

Scent can recall our old memories, the food made by our grandma or mum, a bunch of flowers given by our friends, even a cup of hot coffee offered by a stranger.

Scent can leave us a nice and sweet dream, a sunny day, a sweetheart, a romantic memory.

Scent can deepen our memory on something, such as a brand, a nice commodity, a nice place.


Scent, a therapy word, can keep us in good health.

It is like the breeze, sweeping away all bad mood from us; like the spring, refreshing our mind; like the painting, remaining unforgettable memories in our mind… The day without scent is just like the world without sunshine. Everything will be lifeless.


Scent, a notional word, is like the air, encircling us silently.

Fish cannot live without water; birds cannot fly without wings; a good life cannot start without a good scent. With the development of the society, a better and better life is needed. But before that, we should improve the quality of air. Thus, scent is vital for us.