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2023-09-01 08:45:00
Scent Secrets of Five-Star Hotel Hobby

Customers entering the Four Seasons Hotel will be greeted by a similar scent in the lobby that transports them back to a happy childhood: it is clearly the scent of freshly baked chocolate cookies - not just any regular chocolate cookie, but the freshly baked ones your mom served you when you were 12 years old after a day of sledding in the winter.

Cookies are available for guest to take at the hotel's front desk, and the sweet scent pervades the entire lobby has become a distinct element of Four Seasons Hotel. The cookies are prepared in an insulated oven away from the lobby. Why can clients smell the sweet aroma of cookies in a hotel lobby? Actually, the scent that guests detect is special fragrance made specifically for the hotel by professionals in the lab and diffused continuously through a fragrance machine in hotel lobby.

At first, only the Peninsula Hotels, Hilton, Accor International Hotel, Inter Continental Hotel and other prominent hotel chains employed fragrance systems. As the technology of fragrance diffusion develops and the concept of scent marketing is accepted by people these years, scent diffuser machines have been widely utilized in their fragrance system by the increasing majorities of ordinary hotels, which also promotes the market of fragrance industry in turn. Furthermore, the aroma diffuser suppliers' selection gradually focus from foreign brands to domestic local brands and some well-known fragrance enterprises.

These suppliers of scent products(including essential oils and aroma machine) will create fragrance types based on hotels and other customers preference. Because every hotel’s original intentions are various, some of the hotels want guests to stroll into each hotel across the world with a familiar feeling like home. To avoid monotony, other hotels want guests can enjoy an adventure-like experience.

The hotel fragrance system is similar to the following product, which is to be placed in the lobby.

And the following aroma machines are installed on HVAC system.

The essential oil bottles in the machine is available in different sizes: 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 500ml and 1000ml. As you can see in the image below. It is easy to operate, the users can replace and use it when needed.

With the exception of hotel, office buildings, 4S stores, shopping malls, first-class lounges and Starbucks as well, it is most likely because of the role of fragrance system that the entire surroundings smell pleasant.

In research, hotel fragrance has been shown to increase guests' propensity to purchase through generating a fragrant environment surrounding the hotel. With pleasant aroma wafting around the hotel, more guests are enticed to stay. Moreover, the exclusive fragrance system can build a fascinating aromatic ambiance in seconds, leading to a natural scent, keeping guests close to a peaceful and natural lifestyle and possessing a sense of ease and intimacy, as well as perking up brain and relieving business travel fatigue.

Different fragrance products are used in different areas in hotel, such as the lobby, corridors, rooms, bathrooms, and so on, According to the seasons, not only to refresh the air in the area and optimize the hotel environment, but also to create a natural, comfortable, and pleasant environment throughout the hotel.

The hotel lobby not only offers guests their initial impression of the hotel, but also their final impression as they depart. As a result, a comprehensive set of solutions for the olfactory marketing lobby, as well as the lobby of each detail, is critical. The gentle, soothing scent of a hotel lobby can leave customers with a distinct impression.

Fragrance, from raw material screening to production, the whole process is demanding and time consuming. Manufacturers have given fragrance a profound and unique connotation, or beautiful and luxurious, or romantic, or fresh and natural. Fragrance that interprets the hotel's elegance and romance is like a memory carrier in a sweet wedding, a nice companion after a long day at work, a butterfly hovering your nose tip in a 4S store. Aside from being a product, it also signifies a way of life and sense of taste.

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