With the flourish of scent industry, it is reported that 48% people are using aroma diffuser in our houses or using scent system to promote our brand or services. It is our instinct to pursue comfort. More and more people will use aroma diffuser in the future. Even in our car, we also would like to have a proper scent to accompany us during our trip.

If you want to have an aroma diffuser in your car, which one would you prefer?

No. One

This is the simplest one to use in the car. Putting on the air outlet, the air will spread the scent. Simple and convenient, but could it meet our needs?

80% people express that the scent is not equally. In the initial stage, it can scent the car, but the scent will run out of use soon.

No. Two

Market is flooded with this kind of car aroma diffuser. It uses essential oils with water, declaring that it has three-in-one function, scent, purifying and humidifying. It can connect to cigarette lighter socket in the car.

With the mini appearance and multifunction, it enjoys popularity in the market.

But, is essential oil water-soluble? Is it good to put a humidifier in the car? Could this simple device purify the air?


No. Three

This car scent rod is an electric diffuser that will continuously disperse essential oils or aroma blends into the air. It uses pure essential oils, but volatilized by heating.

Every time you use it, you should drop some oils onto the sink.

Is it convenient to use? Is it easy to change scent?

No. Three

The car aroma diffuser can be put in the cup holder in your car, connecting the USB port or battery powered. As for this kind of aroma diffuser, it can be divided into two parts: one use water and essential together, one is use essential oils only. Spraying the scent by heating.

No. Four

This car aroma diffuser looks elegant and decent. It uses essential oils too. But you need to add the oils with a dropper. Some people may think it is inconvenient for use.

However, this aroma diffuser has a exclusive feature; that is, it has two mode: car mode & desktop mode. For car mode, it can automatically work when your car is moving; otherwise, it will stop.

Intelligent and modern are needed in our daily life. It is also because of its special function that this model also enjoys great popularity in scent market.

No. Five

Every man has his hobbyhorse. Which kind of aroma diffuser you would like to put in your car? What functions of aroma diffuser would you like?