The 49th China (Shanghai) International Beauty Salon Cosmetics Fair and 2018 Shanghai Hongqiao Beauty Expo hold in Shanghai National Expo Center on May 19 with the theme on “I love U Shanghai”. Splendid and professional, it attracted 2,200 companies and brands from 18 countries and regions around the world to show their products and service to more than 500 thousand buyers.

Guangzhou Chi Yang Electrical Machinery Co.,Ltd is the earliest company as well as manufacturer engaging in the research and development of scent marketing along with serious matching products, owning two international brand(Scenta&Scent-) and one domestic brand(IAA). After receiving the invitation, IAA, along with premium products, especially new products, took part in this Fair, showing our products and service, conveying our culture and conception, and spread special scent for the Fair.

In Shanghai CIBE, the booth of IAA left a great impress on the visitors. Combining with the theme of 20th in May, which means “I Love U”, the booth selected PINK as the major color, embellishing lots of blooming pink or red roses. It not only could add poetry to each visitor, such as “Oh, my love is like a red, red rose. That’s newly rung in ‘May’ ”, but also bring a world full of natural scent of flower.


The idea on the design of the Booth is to bring the concept of scent into every corner of our life, especially in buildings and daily life.

Pink and rose stands for the love and romantic as well as the best wishes to women.

It is also an excellent spokesman for our mission:Fantastic scent, Better life.

Staying in such romantic booth, wonderful and comfortable like a paradise, it was easy to leave a deep impression on customers.

Humanized design of two open booths made it more convenient for customers to experience our products and services.

The first spotlight in 2018 — creating one-stop fragrance experience

The brightest light is the Sun in the sky, but the brightest one in the Fair was the latest scent products in the booth of IAA.

This series products was launched to offer customers an one-stop fragrance experience from indoor to outdoor, covering products for home, car, commercial space.



 Car series — Car vent clip:  the air force 100

Adopting the natural fragrance stone which is special for car and will not react with impurities in the air, this car vent model can keep the scent staying in the most natural stage.

With this car vent clip in car, what you get is more than comfortable scent.


Car series — Model for car cup holder: A601

With fragrance named “Qi li xiang” inside the bottle, this car diffuser can clear the air in the car and refill in with relaxing and comfortable smell within 10 seconds.

Combining with the black technology, it can redefine the car diffuser in the near future.


Car series — Gift box with car scent diffuser

Inside the gift box are fragrance, car vent clip and scent sprayer.

The fragrance is imported from France, natural and eco-friendly.

With this gift box in car, you can enjoy your trip at anytime.


Home series — Haniel reed diffuser

It was the first time that Haniel reed diffuser came into customers’ eyes.

Ceramics bottle with reed of design on Orchid, it attracts customers with an oriental charm and impresses them with a slight elegant smell.

Reading a book with a cup of coffee and a classical smell around, you can enjoy a peaceful time and down yourself into the sea of book.


Home series — Shilixiang reed diffuser

In order to meet the need of home and women, IAA designed this reed diffuser based on peach flower.

Just as its name, Shilixiang reed diffuser, it can attract customers by its scent. Besides, the fine quality and decent package can boost customers’ experience.


Beauty series – hydrating elves

Keeping up with the trend, IAA also launched a beauty apparatus, hydrating elves, on the Fair.

With a mini body and exquisite design, it enjoyed great popularity during the expo.

Keeping your face moist anytime is the most advantage for this products.

“The peach and the plum do not speak, yet a path is born beneath them. ”

Abide by business ethics and fulfill social responsibilities actively, IAA offers fine quality and excellent service to customers around the world with persistence, which wins the trust from our regular customers and attracts more potential customers.


In the Fair, IAA is one of the most popular booth. With the unique furnishing of the booth, as well as the excellent and novel products and professional sales team, IAA enhanced its brand into more customers’ mind and stepped into a new stage.


IAA has been committed to disseminating the advanced concept of “fragrance changes life” to the public. In addition to constantly launching new fragrance products, it pays more attention on guiding the public to understand the importance of fragrance to life. IAA continuously improves the customers experience from smell, advocates a fragrance life in the new era, and creates a more beautiful fragrant world.